Ángel Díaz-Maroto Álvarez Closing note

Ángel Díaz-Maroto Álvarez Closing note

Ángel Díaz-Maroto Álvarez Closing note

Topic: Business Agility in practice with Integral Objectives and metrics.

About the topic: 

Business Agility is the new trend-topic in the Agile community lingo. For the international Agile community, is more than clear that is time to make Agile adoptions to progress and go beyond IT. The new goal is to get organisations as a whole and final customers to feel the benefits of a new business approach.
Now that we are re-framing Agility, new questions arise: how does business Agility look like? what are the real benefits to the business? why should we care? how to make it happen? can we measure Business Agility? and even more, what’s next?.
I’ll give my answer to all this questions from a systemic perspective using Integral theory and complexity thinking in the service of a pragmatic approach to business agility.

About the speaker:

Angel is a very energetic Agile coach who truly enjoy challenges. Putting in place Lean and Agile concepts and practices in very complex environments is my specialty and passion. As as an Agile coach, trainer, and mentor, he’s supported several multinational organizations in their Agile journeys in the last 10 years.

During his 18+ years of experience in IT Angel has worked in various roles: Agile coach, R&D manager, software developer, software architect, ScrumMaster, and trainer.

Angel is a CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach by the Scrum Alliance), Specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, Certified Agile Leadership Educator, and Management 3.0 licensed trainer.

Additionally, he teaches video game production at ESNE (University of Design, Innovation and technology) and Design Thinking at LaSalle University. Angel is also a frequent speaker having participated in more than 40 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia and the Americas.