Victor Ionascu

Victor Ionascu

Victor Ionascu

Topic: AGILE System Testing Using a Delivery Train

About the topic: My presentation is a case study about implementing System testing using AGILE methodologies in a corporate environment, together with its challenges and lessons learned; most of the time , this sounds like Mission impossible , with all the movie versions, but without Tom Cruise.

What we did:

We took piece by piece the products included in the customer solution and aligned them into a delivery train. The catch was in convincing the team to support and “buy into” this way of working and to bring visibility in each step of the process (train station). Creating the train, revealed a lot of process misunderstandings , different tools which were not compatible and that were bringing overhead to teams backlog.

We did fail several times in:

  • finding the right sponsors,
  • showing essential relevant things to the teams or products owners
  • implementing testing techniques using Agile
  • synergizing a multinational working team ( France-Bulgaria-Romania)

Due to these, at some point we were on the verge of closing the Delivery train or at least to stop investing in it. The ice breaker happened when we had 2 scenarios implemented that took automatically the latest release and found a blocker that passed product borders. Today, the system has a sexy dashboard, easy to be understood by everyone, it is integrated in Jenkins & Jira and has runs at every product release with 8 big scenarios put in place. That’s what we call success story, after all the struggle.

About the speaker:  I am passionate about testing for more than 12 years with involved in extra activities like:

  • Continental Judge for Software testing world cup in 2016
  • Testing camp speaker
  • Organizer of internal testing workshops

I have CAT & ISQTB certifications that helped me to organize the activity in my teams, with strong focus on Agile and testing parts. I have advanced step by step in my career, from QA , to QA lead, to QA manager, Project manager & Scrum master. More details about my technical skills can be found on my LinkedIn page: